​​This year, over 300 law enforcement officers working throughout Boone County received a life insurance policy paid for by the Columbia Police Foundation.

The coverage costs the Foundation nearly $600 per month from the Officer Down fund, nearly double the previous years’ monthly costs. In efforts to sustain the benefit, the Foundation is hosting a Fourth Annual Trivia Night on Sept. 13, where all proceeds will go to support the cause.

“It’s one thing to provide the service and it’s another to continue to sustain it,” said Boehm. “That’s where we hope community members will join the effort.”

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2002, each Columbia ​​Police Department (CPD) officer has received the $10,000 benefit; the Foundation’s Board of Trustee’s voted to expand the provision to cover Boone County Sheriff’s Department, University of Missouri Police Department, Ashland Police Department, Centralia Police Department, Sturgeon Police Department, and Hallsville Police Department officers earlier this year.

“We are one community,” said Randy Boehm, Chair of the Columbia Police Foundation and former CPD Chief. “In this trying time for the law enforcement profession, it’s critical we come together and support each other. We hope these officers’ families will never have to use the benefit, but we want them to know we care and it’s there.”

By Megan Smaltz | KRCG TV