A southwest Missouri sheriff’s office needs your help catching those responsible for stealing copper from utility poles.

Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay says over the past two weeks, investigators have been looking into copper thefts involving more than 100 utility poles on the west side of the county. He says thieves have cut the guide wires off of the poles in an attempt to get to copper wiring.

Along with being illegal and dangerous, DeLay says losing those lines could result in a power loss if those poles fell. He says with the price of copper being low right now, the cost of replacing the stolen guide wires is much greater than what the thieves will likely gain.

“We’re looking at over 100 poles that have been affected, well, it’s going to cost several hundred dollars for that electric cooperative to have someone go out there, replace those wires, send the manpower out there to do that, the equipment to do that, and then sadly, that cost a lot of times is passed on down to the consumer,” DeLay says.

DeLay is asking anyone with information to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at 417-466-2131, or their local law enforcement agency.

By Jeremiah Cook | Ozarks First