A northwestern Missouri boy with a rare genetic disorder has fulfilled his dream of being a police officer.

Fifteen-year-old Dylan Golden’s former elementary school principal, the St. Joseph Police Department and the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office teamed up to make him an honorary officer, the St. Joseph News-Press reported.

Golden is battling CHARGE syndrome, which affects his vision, hearing and heart, and also stunts his growth.

Oak Grove Elementary School Resource Officer Devin Kallauner recalled the decision-making process with the other officers.

“It started off with a ride in the police car, then it developed into Buchanan County wanting to get involved,” Kallauner said. “They said, ‘Hey, let’s get him a nametag too.’ So we got him a nametag.”

Police Chief Chris Connally swore the teenager in as an honorary officer on Tuesday. Golden sat in the SWAT vehicle and on police motorcycles, and he received two uniforms adorned with his nametag.

“He was so excited when we pulled into the lot and he saw the Bearcat (SWAT vehicle),” Kallauner said. “He wanted me to park the car as quickly as possible so he could get out.”

Principal Mike Otto said Golden deserved to see his dreams fulfilled.

“Just because he’s a young man that faced every obstacle in life, and he’s conquering those things,” Otto said. “He’s got a few challenges, but this made his life. His dream.”

Columbia Daily Tribune

The teenager didn’t hesitate sharing his favorite part of being an officer.

“Chasing the bad guys,” he said.