Can't connect to the CCW Permit Site.

The most common cause is that the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client is not connected. Look for the AnyConnect icon in the hidden icon tray. If the icon does not have a closed padlock symbol on it, then the VPN is not connected. Double click on the icon and single click, “connect.” Enter the password if it asks.

If you get an error message indicating the application does not call for this action or that the application is already running, you will need to logoff, wait 30 seconds and log back on. Then DO NOT DO ANYTHING! Simply wait for the auto script to launch the VPN connection.

The printer is online, but nothing prints.

Most often the cause is a conflict involving the print spooler in Windows 7 and the print drivers. Clearing and resetting the print spooler normally resloves the issue.

Click here to download a zip file containing a batch file that will automatically stop, clear, and restart your print spooler. Save the batch file to your desktop and conveniently run it when needed. Or, you may run it directly from the website. After clicking on “here” click “open” and then double click on, “Clear Print Spool Win 7.”

Click here to watch a video on how to manually clear and reset the print spooler.

Out of Memory or ASPX errors

Most often the cause is out of date and/or expired anti-virus software.

  1. Disable the Anti-virus.
  2. Run disc cleanup to free up space.
  3. Use a utility like Ccleaner from Filehippo to clean additional unneeded files.
  4. Renew the Anti-virus software or uninstall it.

Click HERE for more details.