The Knox County Sheriff’s office was busy Tuesday night, checking up on sex offenders who aren’t allowed to hand out candy under Missouri law.

Deputies checked on more than a dozen registered sex offenders in the county, making sure kids weren’t being lured to the doorsteps of sexual predator.

Sheriff Robert Becker and Deputy Jason Powell do these checks every Halloween night, making the rounds, checking to see if registered sex offenders in obey the law.

“They’ve committed a crime with someone, either rape or underage or sodomy, or something like that.” Becker said. “They’re all pretty severe crimes.”

Becker said one sex offender wasn’t home, but he got in touch with that offender over the phone, and said the offender will provide documentation on where he was.

Becker said in Missouri, sex offenders can’t serve candy and must have their outside light off on Halloween night.  If their crime happened in 2008 or after, they also have to post a sign saying they’re a sex offender and can’t serve candy.  Parents said they appreciate that.

“I want my kids to be safe and I want to be safe.” Charla Edwards said. “It’s very scary.”

Edwards lives in Edina and is a mom of two. She said she doesn’t take her kids trick or treating door-to-door anymore. Instead, they go to community-wide events like Tuesday’s “Safe Stop” at the Knox County Community Center. It’s something Sheriff Becker recommends most families do.

“I think it gives kids a safe place to go to do the trick or treating.” Becker said. “It keeps them off the street.  You hate to take them away from fun, like we did when we were kids, but I think it’s a good idea and a good thing to be doing.”

Becker said Halloween night is the only time Knox County Sheriff’s deputies go door-to-door to check on registered sex offenders. Other than that, offenders have to register at the courthouse every three months.

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By Gary Davis | WGEM