It was running wild for months. People in Franklin County, Missouri spotted it randomly and didn’t know what to think. It terrorized townspeople by showing up on their lawns and nibbling on their grass. This llama ran free for months, but someone finally recaptured the beast.

“We looked out and there was a full-grown llama in the front yard,” Resident Dean Woodcock said. “A lot of things have wandered into that yard, but I’ll say this was a first.”

That sighting from Woodcock happened on January 12. But it wasn’t the first time someone saw this random llama roaming the town.

Woodcok called the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office after the llama hung out on his lawn for several hours. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t the first time someone called the sheriff about the nomadic llama.

“We’d been getting calls about this llama since Jan. 5,” said sheriff’s office records clerk Melissa Dahms. “So we thought we really need to do something about this.”

Deputies hunted down the llama and took some photos and put them up on their Facebook page to see if the animal belonged to anyone before they took it in themselves.

After no one claimed the llama, the police had to take matters into their own hands. But that’s easier to say than to do, as llamas are hard to catch and don’t usually want to cooperate with humans. However, the police department contacted the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch on how to deal with the situation.

A llama trainer came in and decided to take the wild one under his wing, and will provide the animal with a good home.

By Joe Welkie | Obsev