During a recent St. Francois County Commission meeting, Sheriff Dan Bullock discussed the new cars his department recently received.

Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher said the Crown Victorias are being phased out, but the sheriff has an inventory system of these cars.

“The maintenance (department) has done a very good job with putting the Crown Vics back together over the years,” said Bullock. “The latest model of Crown Vics we have are 2011 and a lot of these vehicles we have are still on the road. They have 250,000-300,000 miles on them. These Explorers, interceptor packages we were able to purchase are 2013s and have around 60,000 miles on them.”

Bullock said they are in very good shape and maintenance has been kept up on them. He added that they are getting ready to put some of them on the road.

“Hopefully before the year is over we can purchase a few more and replace some of these old vehicles,” said Bullock. “We can put those on (govdeals.com) and get rid of the old ones. We did get the new ones from the state patrol.”

 Bullock said the highway patrol turns them in when they get 50,000 miles on them and then they sell them. Gallaher said the commission approved the purchase in January and they got four of them for $70,000 total.

Bullock said these vehicles sell on the open market for $24,354. The ones they got were $17,500.

“The patrol takes them to their garage and goes through them,” said Bullock. “I mean if there is a little piece of plastic broke on them, it’s replaced before we get them. They are in top shape and we got a pretty good deal on them. This is the first time we have had any Explorers, some of the cities have them and hopefully they will service well.”

Bullock said the Explorers come with the police interceptor package, which includes heavy-duty expansions, charging systems and they are pre-wired for lights and sirens. He added that it saved the county some money with the outfitting already being done.

via Daily Journal Online