Take your time, enjoy the show and bring a good attitude.

That is one way of summarizing Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller’s advice to people driving to western Audrain County, six miles north of Centralia for the 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 7 Luke Bryan Concert at the Stowers Farm.

Oller said that he is alloting 45 officers for concert-related duty that Saturday.

The majority are from the Audrain County Sheriff’s Department along with some from the Centralia Police Department.

Oller said he still had 11 positions open and “I’m contacting neighboring sheriffs pursuant to RSMO 57.111, which allows any Missouri sheriff to request deputies from any other Missouri Sheriffs to assist as needed, with full police powers, as if they belonged to the county making the request.”

He said he is not spending taxpayer money for anything other than getting county vehicles there.

“The officers salaries are paid by the promoter, not the county’s budget.”

Centralia Fireside Guard