During ceremonies Thursday at the Dallas County Court House, Sheriff Mike Rackley gave the oath of office to six new members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Posse who have successfully completed all training and presented them with their deputy badges.

They are Junior Wrinkle, Linda Wrinkle, Lesia Hessee, Jeff Hessee, Steve Simko and Tim Jones.

“I think we have the best trained, totally dedicated and most operational posse deputies there are today,” Rackley declared. “These ladies and gentleman of the posse take and pass the same Peace Officer Standardized Training (POST) courses that all officers take, and in many cases, take many more than is required.”

The Sheriff continued, “If they choose to carry a firearm, the same qualification training is required both in the classroom and on the range that I and all deputies must pass continually. The training never stops. Law Enforcement is a very serious business, and the training is critical to our success and theirs. Let me say I could not be more proud of these county citizens who go well above and beyond to serve our county.”

“The posse deputies serve an immense service to all deputies and citizens,” said Sergeant Everett Kelly. “With their training they have shown on-the-job responsibility that is highly respected, and it shows in their great performance. Whether helping with emergency conditions such as tornadoes, lost persons, our Drunk Busters program, patrols, prisoner transport or performing court house duties, they serve with high integrity.”

“We have come generations from the time we sat with Sheriff Rackley in his home and wanted to reinvent the posse to be a much more professional arm to assist the Sheriff’s Office,” said Craig Alderman, Posse Operations Officer for the Sheriff. “The Sheriff has no choice but to require consistent training to meet legal standards. Sheriff Rackley guides us with high professionalism and love for this county and all its citizens.”

Alderman added that there was a slight delay with these candidates because the training site had been inoperable for nearly a year and the basic courses are on line.

The posse is established under Missouri statue as a tool for the Sheriff’s Office. They are strictly volunteers, who, when activated and trained, have the same temporary authority as the sheriff. They provide their own equipment, uniforms and supplies. Another fundraising arm not associated with the Sheriff’s Office is a Posse 501c3 not-for-profit that raises dollars to help members, accepting donations from such activities, each authorized by the Sheriff, as crowd control, traffic control, security and more for many community organizations.

Anyone interested in joining the Dallas County Sheriffís Office Posse and helping Dallas County can call the Posse PR officer at (417) 840-5026 or stop by the Sheriff’s Office to pick up an application. The posse meets the fourth Thursday of the month at the Dallas County Court House and is always open to the public.

via Buffalo Reflex