A southwest Missouri sheriff’s office is asking voters to help them find additional funds to keep the county safe.

Lawrence county Sheriff Brad DeLay says recent budget cuts are causing him to loose four staff members from his office. DeLay says among those will be two deputies. That is why, with the support of the Lawrence County Commission, he is asking voters to approve a sales tax question that would provide additional funds.  DeLay says the tax would support the sheriff’s office and the county prosecutor’s office. He says the proposed half-cent sales tax could generate roughly $1.5 million, and not only help save jobs, but also build some needed facilities, like a jail, that would help save tax payer money.

“We’re sending inmates out to agencies to house for us, to a sum of between $250,000-$300,000 over the last couple of years each year, and that is just something that quite frankly is bankrupting the county’s reserves,” DeLay says.

Lawrence county voters will decide the fate of the proposed sales tax this coming April.

By Jeremiah Cook  | Nexstar Media Group