We are currently setting up the TOPS/Officer Roadside Safety schedule for 2018.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and MODOT are seeking law enforcement agencies to host eight hour POST certified training for law enforcement officers in their agencies and in the surrounding jurisdictions.  There is no cost to the agency or the officers attending the training.  All officers will receive 8 hours of POST certified training at no cost.  A host agency is asked to provide a classroom to hold 15-25 officers and assist with marketing the class to neighboring law enforcement agencies.  We provide the instructors and materials. 

If your agency is interested in hosting this training please contact:

Bill Sullivan, Law Enforcement Liaison, NHTSA at 913-208-5714 or bsully@sbcglobal.net


TOPS – Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies (0800-1200 hrs)

This 4 hour course is designed for officers and supervisors to increase understanding of how law enforcement officers save lives and prevent injuries by enforcing traffic laws.  The class will also discuss:

  • The toll traffic crashes have on the community
  • Occupant protection laws
  • Crash dynamics
  • Special risks to law enforcement
  • Effective methods of issuing citations
  • Effects of high visibility traffic enforcement on preventing and clearing other crimes


Officer Roadside Safety (1300 – 1700 hrs)

More officers are killed as a result of automobile crashes, struck by vehicles and intentional vehicle assaults than any other method. Participants of this 4 hour course will review and discuss the prevalence of officer crashes, traffic related accidents and deaths in recent history.  Various contributing factors will be discussed including fatigue, equipment, staffing and individual officer experience.

This program will include specific recommendations on how to prevent and survive roadside incidents, including vehicle positioning, traffic stop recommendations, lane closure and traffic direction recommendations.