PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) – The Platte County treasurer’s office says it was the victim of an email scam that resulted in the loss of more than $48,000.

County Treasurer Rob Willard says his office received an email Friday that appeared to be from Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber, instructing him to wire transfer $48,220 to a bank in Florida to pay a state tax consultant.

Willard said Wednesday that several emails were exchanged and he fulfilled the request because of the transaction’s urgent nature.

Willard says he then received a phone call from Schieber, who was out of town, and informed Schieber that the transaction was complete. Schieber told the treasurer that he hadn’t requested a wire transfer, which prompted Willard to alert the sheriff’s office and file a complaint with the FBI.

County commissioners met Wednesday to discuss the incident.