RSMo 571.101

Where to Apply
Fees (Not to Exceed $100.00/$50.00)
Background Check
Denying an Application
Appeal Procedure
Provisional Permit
Information on the Permit

RSMo 571.104

Surrendering a Permit
Collecting a Permit
Reinstating a Permit
Renewing a Permit/Renewal Application
Renewal Background Check
Late Fees
Change of Residency/Processing Fee
New Sheriff to Notify Old Sheriff
Old Sheriff to Forward Records
Loss or Destruction/Processing Fee
Name Change/Processing Fee
Failure to Change Name or Residency

RSMo 571.111

Firearms Safety Training (No Expiration)
Certificate of Course Completion
Not Eligible for a Passing Grade
Qualified Firearms Safety Instructors
Instructor Responsibilities
Firearms Safety instructor Database

RSMo 571.121

Duty to Carry and Display Permit

RSMo 21.750.3(2)

Open Carry