The Osage County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community to help them purchase a narcotics detection and tracking K-9 unit.

Like many communities, Osage County is dealing with drug problems, Sheriff Mike Bonham said.

“There’s no doubt about it that a lot of the criminal activity is associated with drugs, such as the numerous thefts we have,” he said. “People are stealing stuff, selling it at pawn shops, selling it here and there just so they can get money to get their fix. I feel like if we get this dog, it is one tool we can have to get the drugs off the street along with the people that are making poor decisions. We get them into jail, get them through the system, and get them some help.”

The four-legged officer is not cheap. The sheriff’s office estimated it will need $14,859 to purchase the dog, put it through training and deal with other associated expenses.

So, through June 30, the department will collect donations from people in the community.

Donation checks should be made to K-9 Assistance Program and returned in person or via mail to: K-9 Assistance Program, c/o Osage County Sheriff’s Office, P.O. Box 619, Linn, Missouri 65051.

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