Missourians may soon be able to safely dispose of unused medications with a drive to their local pharmacy.

In February 2016, Walgreens announced its Medication Disposal Program and CVS followed suit when it announced in September 2017 its plans to install kiosks at 750 locations nationwide. However, none of those kiosks are in Missouri, as state law does not allow them. Rep. Keith Frederick (R-Rolla) is trying to change that law with House Bill 2105, which contains six measures to fight the opioid crisis.

Among them is a proposal that would authorize the Missouri Board of Pharmacy to work with public or private entities to develop a statewide drug take-back program. Frederick said the bill would allow Walgreens to bring medication disposal kiosks to its Missouri locations.

At present, he said, police departments are the safest place for Missourians to dispose of opioids.

Mo McCullough, a lobbyist for the Missouri Psychiatric Association, recently testified in favor of the bill before a committee. He said he did not know what to do with opioids leftover after his late son’s battle with cancer and eventually took them to the police; but he said it was “a little scary for a while because this was thousands and thousands of dollars of opioids.”

Major Tom Reddin with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department said he would welcome the kiosks. “In this day and age of the opioid crisis, the more ways we have to properly dispose of our medication, the better off we all are,” he noted.

By Max Fillion | Missourian