Rodney Schad, of Versailles, was appointed to the Public Defender Commission.

Schad has served on the Morgan County Commission since 2013. He previously served as a Missouri state representative for the 115th District, an owner and manager for a construction company in Versailles, and a teacher at Tri-County Technical School in Eldon.
Schad currently serves on the Quality Industries Sheltered Workshop Board, the Show-Me Christain Youth Home Board, and as a director for CoMo Electric Cooperative and Central Electric Cooperative.

Schad also attended classes at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Missouri State Public Defender System is ​governed by the commission. The term of office of each commissioner is six years or until a successor is selected. Commissioners may succeed themselves.

The Public Defender Commission is responsible for the hiring of the ​s​tate ​p​ublic ​defender ​d​irector. They also, with the assistance of the ​d​irector, determine the philosophy of the State Public Defender System. They review the budget request prepared by the ​d​irector and provide support of the request before the legislature.
They ​also ​make any rules needed for the administration of the S​​tate Public Defender System​, which ​provides legal representation to all indigent citizens accused of or convicted of crimes in Missouri at the levels of the State Trial Court, Appellate Court, Missouri Supreme Court, and United States Supreme Court.