On April 2, Montgomery County Sheriff Matt Schoo presented Deputy Alex Brant with a Certificate of Commendation for an act performed in the line of duty that resulted in saving a life.

On March 6, 2018, Deputy Brant responded to an emergency medical call of a 32-year-old male, Eric Verhoff, who had accidentally cut his wrist with a razor blade while replacing a windshield in a customer’s vehicle.

Information given was that Mr. Verhoff was bleeding uncontrollably and losing blood at a fast rate. Mr. Verhoff had made attempts to stop the bleeding but was unsuccessful.

Deputy Brant arrived on scene, and without hesitation, administered first aid to Mr. Verhoff. Deputy Brant successfully stopped the bleeding until the arrival of EMS.

Mr. Verhoff along with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office believes that Deputy Brant’s prompt actions and determination resulted in saving Mr. Verhoff’s life.