A Missouri Supreme court ruling could help those too poor to bond out of jail.

The new court equity rules  say a suspect must appear before a judge within 48 hours of arrest, not including weekend.

​​The Jasper County sheriff said it’s part of an effort to ensure people are kept in jail based on the severity of their crime. Sheriff Kaiser said, “The purpose of getting in front of judge early  on is so  bond is set in a fair way based on the nature of the offense, how much of a threat  this person is in the community, their  likelihood of not  showing up to court. All of these factors area taken into consideration and presented before a judge in each case.”

Law enforcement also applying for arrest warrants need to show the suspect is a danger to a victim or the community. New rules allow for those who commit lesser crimes to  simply receive a summons rather than be arrested on a warrant.

By Lisa Olliges | KOAM News