It is with professionalism and dedication that representatives and administrators of jails in the State of Missouri formed the Missouri Jail Standards and Training Committee.  The Committee represents a cross section of all classes of counties and municipalities.  One sheriff, who sits on the Jail Sub-Committee of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association, and one jail administrator co-chair this Committee.  The collaboration of its membership is in an effort to guide executives and administrators in standards as outlined in law and ethics.

As the Jail Practices and Training Committee complete a best practice by majority vote, it is brought to the Jail Sub-Committee by the sheriff, who sits on both committees.  Once the Jail Sub-Committee passes the practice, the Chair of the Jail Sub-Committee brings it to the general membership of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association for approval, setting the best practice. 

These Best Practices will be disseminated through the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association at the Annual Jail Administrators’ Conference and through semi-annual regional meetings for jail administrators and executives.