The Missouri General Assembly adjourned under the Missouri Constitutional at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15.   This session there were 2,000 bills and joint resolutions filed and a total of 130 made it through the legislative process and on to the Governor’s desk.


  • HB 2 – Foundation Formula • Puts an additional $84 million into the fund for public K-12 schools.
  • HB 3 – Higher Education • Increases funding for public higher education institutions by $12 million based on performance.
  • HB 11 – Managed Care • Expands Medicaid managed care to 200,000 parents and children, continuing to exempt the elderly and disabled.
  • SB 12 – Dairy Subsidies • Helps dairy farmers pay premiums on federal insurance for their operations.
  • HB 384 – Tax Amnesty • Waives interest, fees and other penalties for those who pay back taxes this fall.
  • SB 149 – Data Storage Centers • Exempts some data storage centers from paying taxes on equipment, utilities and machinery.
  • SB 239 – Medical Malpractice • Caps most noneconomic awards at $400,000 and catastrophic cases such as paralysis, loss of vision or brain injury at $700,000.



  • HB 150 – Unemployment • Cuts benefits to as low as 13 weeks from the current 20 weeks, linked to the statewide average unemployment rate.



  • SB 42 – Welfare • Shortens the time a parent could receive federal welfare benefits to three years and nine months, down from five years, and penalizes those who skip job training and community service assignments.



  • HB 17, 18 & 19 – Capital Improvements • Allots roughly $300 million in bonds for state building and higher education repair projects, including $40 million for the state Capitol.
  • SB 42 – School Transfers • Modifies the transfer law, which allows students in underperforming schools an opportunity to attend better ones. Expands virtual, charter school transfer options.
  • SB 5 – Municipal Courts • Caps traffic ticket revenue at 12.5 percent of the operating budget for cities in St. Louis County and 20 percent elsewhere in the state. Includes other court reforms.
  • HB 514 – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency • Provides up to $12 million in state tax-increment financing for certain areas of St. Louis to keep the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in the region.
  • HB 722 – Pre-emption of Local Laws • Bars cities from passing plastic shopping bag bans or requiring private employers to provide certain benefits or wages above state mandated levels.
  • HB 116 – “Right to work” • Bars unions from collecting fees from nonmembers to pay for representation and other services. 


  • HB 207 – Red-Light Cameras • Puts a measure on the August 2016 ballot to ban red-light cameras across the state.
  • HB 762 – Body Cameras • Allows municipalities and cities to bar public access to footage from police body cameras.
  • SB 330 – Stadium Bonds • Prohibits Gov. Jay Nixon from extending bonds for a new NFL stadium in St. Louis without a vote of the Legislature or the people and authorizes bonds for new state projects and deferred maintenance.
  • HB 190 – Abortions • Requires a St. Louis abortion clinic to be inspected at least once annually.
  • SB 200 – Juvenile Sentencing • Repeals mandatory life sentences for minors who commit first-degree murder.
  • SB 11 – Ethics • Imposes a $25 cap on lobbyists’ gifts to legislators and require legislators to wait one year after leaving office to become lobbyists.
  • SB 221 – St. Louis County Sales Tax • Allows public vote on imposing a half-cent sales tax in unincorporated St. Louis County to fund law enforcement. Changes sales tax pooling law.
  • SB 199 – Deadly Force • Updates the state’s use-of-force law, which conflicts with a U.S. Supreme Court decision saying that deadly force should be used only when the officer reasonably believes that the suspect committed a violent felony or poses a serious threat of harm.
  • SB 540 – Fuel Tax Increase • Increases the tax for diesel fuel 3.5 cents and all other fuel 1.5 cents above the current 17 cent-per-gallon fuel tax.
  • HJR 1 & HB 30 – Voter ID • Requires voters to show a government-issued photo ID at polls.
  • HB 104 – Religious Freedom • Allows student groups at colleges and universities to exclude individuals based on their religious beliefs.
  • HB 800 – Medical Marijuana • Provides for licensure of medical cannabis cultivation facilities to provide marijuana for qualified patients.
  • HB 407 – Gay Discrimination • Outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • SB 301 – Medicaid Expansion • Expands Medicaid to low-income adults making up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level as called for under the Affordable Care Act.