Who can become a member?

Anyone can support MSA through becoming a member or by donation. In fact, 90 percent of all members are business owners or non-law enforcement residents of the community.

What does membership offer?

When you become an honorary member of the MSA, you receive a membership card for your wallet, a decal for your vehicle and a subscription to The Missouri SHERIFF magazine. All for just $25. That’s only $0.07 per day!!! As a $50.00 business member, you also receive a plaque to proudly display in your business.

What’s new with this year’s membership?

Quarterly Newsletters
New with this year’s contribution we have added four quarterly newsletters that give you an inside look at sheriffs’ offices throughout the state, the struggles they face, and their accomplishments.

Become a member today!!!

I invite you to join me as an honorary member of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association and proudly display your support for your local law enforcement and Missouri sheriffs. Your tax-deductible contribution will go a long way to ensure the office of Sheriff in Missouri remains a strong, independent office answerable to those citizens that it is sworn to serve and protect.

Kevin L. Merritt
Executive Director

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