Jackson County law enforcement leaders and the family of an 11-year-old girl killed in 2011 as the result of celebratory gunfire on the 4th of July are calling new curbs on discharging firearms within city limits.

The legislation dubbed “Blair’s Law” has been sponsored by Missouri Rep. DaRon McGee of Kansas City.

It would establish a felony violation for discharging a firearm within city limits with some exceptions, including self-defense and firing weapons at gun ranges. It also protects hunters lawfully pursuing wildlife.

“This is a public safety issue for Kansas City,” said McGee. “Reducing celebratory gunfire will save lives of children across the city. I hope to achieve this goal, with the help of other legislators across this state.”

Appearing together at a press conference today at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Officer were Baker, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp, and the family of Blair Shanahan Lane.

Lane was killed in 2011 on July 4 when a man and his friends were shooting a weapon into the air to celebrate Independence Day.

In recent years, other children have died of gunfire in Kansas City.

Baker has advocated before for new curbs on gunfire in the city limits, appearing before the Missouri General Assembly and helping local legislators craft legislation to reduce such gunfire.