Pharmacies are a place to pick up medication, but a bill in Missouri could make them a place to drop off meds too, all in the fight against opioid addiction.

Lt. Eric Friedrich, with the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Department, said there is a box in the sheriff’s department lobby specifically for anyone to drop off any unused medication in an attempt to fight the opioid crisis.

The Missouri House is trying to pass a bill allowing pharmacies to have these boxes too.

According to the Associated Press, Rolla Republican Rep. Keith Frederick’s measure would allow for drug take-back programs in the state. Currently, local pharmacies are barred from taking prescriptions they didn’t dispense. If made law, the measure would allow for drop-off boxes for unused prescriptions at pharmacies approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Pharmacist Abe Funk he said it wasn’t practical to have the box before but if this bill passes and they can take back any medication, it’s something to think about.

“We would certainly have to look at costs what the costs, what’s the regulations, what’s the policies and procedures that go into it are where it makes the most sense for us and our patients,” said Funk.

The proposal would also limit initial painkiller prescriptions to seven-day supplies for acute pain. Cancer and hospice patients would be exempt, and doctors could write longer prescriptions if they deem it necessary.

The bill needs final approval in the House to move to the Senate.

By Kelsey Anderson | KFVS