The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department and the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s Office began investigating a report of improvised explosive devices having been detonated on or near an unimproved portion of Liv 510 in the northwest part of Livingston County.

The reporting party described driving down the roadway and passing what was described as a trip wire placed across the roadway. Upon driving over or through this there was some type of explosion near the vehicle. The driver continued on and saw a similar set up down the roadway and turned around instead of getting any closer and reported a second explosion near the vehicle.

Little or no damage was found to the vehicle, no injuries were reported and additional investigation in the general area did not reveal any additional devices.

It is reported that the area the IED was reported in receives an extremely low amount of traffic.

This investigation continues with assistance from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri State Highway Patrol Bomb Unit, NITRO-ATF Task Force, and the FBI.