A Public Access Defibrillation program will soon be available in Johnson County.

Johnson County Commission, Johnson County Emergency Management Agency and Western Missouri Medical Center have teamed up to implement the program.

Johnson County Emergency Management information states cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death with more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurring each year in the United States.

The program will be implemented at the Johnson County Courthouse, Johnson County South Annex and Johnson County Emergency Management Agency buildings.

Johnson County Emergency Management Director Gloria Brandenburg states the county already has one AED in place, which was located in the assessor’s office which recently relocated to the new Johnson County South Annex.

“When the assessor’s office moved to the South Annex, our office recognized the need for an AED at the courthouse, but also wanted to assure we were following all the regulations regarding the AED that the county already had in place,” Brandenburg said. “County Assessor, Mark Reynolds, was proactive by having this available in his office and we want to ensure the continuity of service not only at the south annex, but the courthouse and our emergency management agency’s building.”

JCEMA sought funding to purchase these life-saving tools and turned to WMMC Center for assistance.

“It’s great when a community collaborates on anything, but when it’s something that could potentially save a life; it makes me realize how lucky we are in Johnson County,” Brandenburg stated.

WMMC donated funds for Johnson County to purchase two AEDs, one being purchased by the WMMC Foundation and the other by the WMMC medical staff.

“We have made a strong commitment to enhancing our emergency care and want to help others as much as possible,” Tara Carlyle, system director of communications & development at WMMC, stated.

WMMC will also provide the medical director for the PAD program.

JCEMA Chief Deputy Troy Armstrong, who is also a paramedic and basic life support instructor, will begin the certification process of training county employees in the delivery of CPR and use of the AEDs within the first quarter of 2018.

Daily Star Journal