Missouri sheriffs currently pay over $4.5 million in annual software costs to vendors. The key objective of this initiative is to provide a data sharing system across the state while also consolidating different records systems. An important component for the Jail Management System is to have the software running in the cloud (hosted) to eliminate yearly hardware and services costs to maintain. After software implementation, the sheriffs have a voice in what functionality they want in a system. Collectively, the input from all agencies will drive software functionality. Caliber Justice has provided JailTracker’s Data Sharing module that ties all jails in the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association to the Missouri State repository.

      • Training will be easier on the system if the majority of agencies are running the same version.
      • With data hosted in the cloud, there is no longer a need to back-up your server or computers.
      • Ease of interfacing to other systems with a standard product – LiveScan, Commissary, etc.
      • Real time information and data sharing.

We currently have 35 agencies using Caliber Jail Management/Records Management and 10 more agencies under contract to be rolled out.

If you need information or pricing, please contact:

Joe Berra
Project Coordinator
(314) 808-7150


Who is the MSA vendor for the Statewide Jail Management Project?
Our vendor is Caliber Justice providing JailTracker as the management software. You can find more information at: Caliber Justice

How much does it cost?  Is there a procurement vehicle in place?The pricing is dependent on bed count and deputies. Our goal is to match your existing annual maintenance payment. Please contact Joe Berra.

Yes, this project went through a formal bidding process in 2014.

Will I be able to access other inmate’s data in Missouri?
Yes, currently every agency will be able to access inmates who are running the Statewide Jail software.  You will be required to share your inmate data with other agencies.

Does I lose all my historical inmate data from my old software?
No, there is an option to contract with JailTracker to have your old data converted for a fee. Data conversion pricing is based on your jail size.

Do I need a server?  What else do I need to purchase?
No, you do not need a server. All data is hosted at Nlets in Arizona. Your data is backed up to multiple locations across the state. JailTracker currently has a barcoding system within it allowing you to scan bracelets or inmates cells, e.g., suicide watch, medication, etc. which will require a barcode scanner.

Is there an integrated Records Management (RMS) and Dispatch (CAD) software?
Yes, there is an integrated RMS system called InterAct RMS.  It’s currently hosted at INLETS.


Racial Profiling/UCR

All charge codes our maintained by Caliber Public Safety

Data Conversions if necessary

RMS is access through a website from any computer.  There is no software to install.

Special MSA pricing is available.  Contact Joe Berra

Link for InterAct RMS: Caliber Public Safety

There are two Dispatch options:

  • Calls for Service included within the records management. This is for smaller Dispatch Centers and can be purchased through the MSA.
  • Tier 1 Dispatch Software – Larger 911 Centers. You must contact Caliber Justice directly.

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