Jail Resources

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Host a Regional Jail Meeting

If you are interested in hosting a regional jail meeting in your area, please contact Jeanne at about hosting a Regional Jail Meeting.

Jail Standards & Training Committee

The Mission of the Missouri Jail Standards and Training Committee is:

To provide guidance in the care, custody and control of persons in custody while maintaining their welfare.

The Guiding Principles of the Missouri Jail Standards and Training Committee are:

To provide best practices which are legal, ethical and attainable;

To provide a safe environment and minimum training for staff to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Committee Members

The members of the Missouri Jail Standards and Training Committee welcome your feedback and participation. To indicate your desire to receive information about upcoming meetings or the progress on Missouri Jail Standards, please email Captain Joseph N. King at: Joseph.King@plattesheriff.org

Sheriff Jerry Wolfe (Chair), Cooper County
Joseph King (Co-Chair), Platte County
Sheriff Bryan Atkins, Andrew County
Tim Cassidy, Andrew County
Victor Pitman
Keith Hoskins, Boone County
Dennis Smith, St. Francois County
Skyler Viebrock, Morgan County
Brad Simmons, Cooper County
Randy Florence, LaFayette County
David Boehm, Franklin County
Jason Lawrence, Bates County
John Axsom, Adair County
Shane Dotson, Joplin PD Jail
Sam Hargrave, Pettis County
Doug Bounous, Lawrence County
Jeanne Merritt, Missouri Sheriffs’ Association

Jail Standards

GOAL:  Provide a safe environment for the community, staff, volunteers, contractors and inmates.

GOAL: To provide a secure facility to protect the public, staff, employees, contractors, volunteers, and detainees from harm.

GOAL: Maintain an orderly environment with clear expectations of behavior and systems of accountability.

GOAL:  Provide for the basic needs and personal care of inmates.

GOAL: Help detainees to successfully return to the community and reduce recidivism of criminal activity and incarceration

GOAL: Meet the statutory requirement to hold detainees for the court; maintain the security of the facility; maintain the safety of the public, staff and detainees; and, hold detainees accountable for their actions while in custody, balanced with upholding the detainees’ constitutional rights while in the custody of the jail.

GOAL: To administer and manage the facility in a professional and responsible manner, also to be consistent with legal requirements.