Following Hurricane Katrina, NSA set up a “Disaster Relief Fund” to receive tax-deductible, charitable contributions that could be distributed “directly” to local law enforcement individuals and their families who needed immediate relief from financial adversities due to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc. NSA distributed these monies through the State Sheriffs’ Associations as you would know best who needed the assistance most. In the aftermath of Katrina, NSA distributed approximately $170,000 to the States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

We now unfortunately find the need again to solicit contributions for the “Disaster Relief Fund” to assist Sheriffs and their employees who have been personally devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  Many are without power, food, gas, and other basic essentials! They are all in “Rescue and Response Mode” at this time so their personal loss has not even be realized!

In the past, many State Sheriffs’ Associations made sizable donations to the NSA “Disaster Relief Fund;” we are calling upon you again to support our fellow law enforcement families as you see fit.

Furthermore, we are asking that you send out NSA’s request for Disaster Relief contributions to your own State membership.

NSA has established a page on our website where anyone can log in and make a donation. They can go to donate at Additionally, checks can also be sent to the NSA “Disaster Relief Fund”, 1450 Duke Street, Alexandria VA 22314.

The confirmation that contributors receive will serve as their receipt for this tax deductible donation. Checks can also be sent to the NSA “Disaster Relief Fund,” 1450 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

NSA’s Linda Foldvik, at 703.838.5345 or, is available for additional information and assistance.

100% of ALL donations will be used to support our nation’s Sheriffs and their employees during a disaster!

As always, we appreciate your support of the NSA!