A bill out of Jefferson County, Missouri would allow sex offenders convicted of non-violent crimes to petition to have their names removed from a state registry. Currently, a Senate committee is considering the bill.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office monitors 120 registered sex offenders and around 18 of those are non-violent offenders, according to Sheriff Jimmy Shinn.

Sex offenders in Marion County have to register at the sheriff’s office every 90 days to check in and answer questions. The department monitors the social media accounts and place of residence for registered sex offenders.

Once on the list, it can affect where offenders are able to live, how close they can be to schools, and their ability to find employment.

“I believe they really don’t need to register those individuals who are classified, if you will non-violent  sex offenses,” Shinn said.

Parent Karen Mugchler said she is in favor of kicking non-violent people off the list. But wants harsher punishments for rapists and child molesters on the list.

“Urinating behind a tree or something, I don’t classify that as a sex offender, those people mess with children, them people their should be put away for a lot long than what they have been,” Mugchler said.

House Bill 2042 is still making its way through the General Assembly, and also calls for harder prison sentences for violent sex offenders.

To read the full bill, visit https://legiscan.com/MO/text/HB2042/2018

By Drew Brown, | WGEM