The Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, in an effort to clear up active warrants, will be publishing all of the “wanted persons” names for the next several weeks. This week, law enforcement offices are profiling names beginning with A, B and C. It is believed that most of these subjects are no longer in the area. If you know the whereabouts of the below wanted subjects please call the Sheriff’s Office with your information. 660-359-2828. Anders, Samuel Edward W/M age 37 Prob. Viol. – Drugs Archer, Tabitha Bonnielyn W/F age 25 Bad Checks Arnold, Verdis Maurice B/M age 57 Bad Checks Bailey, Lesley Charles W/M age 48 Bad Checks Bailey, Tammy A. W/F age 46 Bad Checks Baker, Heather Marie W/F age 33 Bad Checks Baker, Krystal Lynne W/F age 48 Bad Checks Barnes, Katie Marie W/F age 32 Driving While Revoked
Bassett, Sara Ann W/F age 33 Bad Checks Beard, Donna Lynn W/F age 51 Tamp w/ Motor Vehicle Beissel, Andrew Jared W/M age 40 Bad Checks Berten III, Jackie Dean W/M age 20 Bad Checks Berten, Linda Marie W/M age 46 Bad Checks Bickerstaff, William Reese W/M age 29 Bad Checks Brake, Brendon Michael W/M age 17 Drugs Brixey Jr, Donald Allen W/M age 55 Driving While Susp. Brown III, Donald Eugene W/M age 26 Bad Checks Bryan Jr, James Henry W/M age 31 Bad Checks Bryan, Sarah Leann W/F age 28 Fail Return Rented Prop. Bryce, Steven Thomas W/M age 38 No Financ Responsb Burkett, Brian Emry W/M age 46 Resist Arrest Burns, Christopher James W/M age 24 Bad Checks Butler, Miriah Mae W/F age 41 Assault/Domestic Campbell, Joshua Levi W/M age 34 Sexual Misconduct Carruth, Teressa Darlene W/F age 52 Bad Checks Castro, Rebecca W/F age 54 Bad Checks Ceradsky, Sharmyn Leanne W/F age 25 Burglary Cervantes, Jodie Erin W/F age 32 Bad Checks Chase, Lester Roy W/M age 52 Bad Checks Coker, Frank Oliver W/M age 46 Bad Checks Collins, Kane Drury W/M age 61 No Valid Opt License Conner, Maralina Nicole W/F age 38 Theft/Stealing Coombs, Brian Keith W/M age 22 Non-Support Coppock, Robert James W/M age 49 DWI, Persist Offendr Cordova, Alejandro H/M age 26 Tarffic x 3 Corzette, Richard A. W/M age 59 Bad Checks Courtney, Nathan Michael W/M age 18 Traffic x 2 Cranor, Rodney Wallace W/M age 46 Bad Checks & Forgery Cruchelow, Howard Emery W/M age 46 No Financ Responsb