On December 4th, Sheriff Matthew Schoo presented Dan Cole, a member of the Developmental Disabilities Assistant Board (DDAB), a sum of $830.00 that was raised by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Goatees for Kids Project. The money will go to the Montgomery County Human Resource Council/Montgomery County Community Health Improvement Project to help provide presents for over 400 Montgomery County children that would not have gifts under their Christmas tree. We hope this will help the children have a more enjoyable Christmas.

I’m sure, during the past year, some of you have noticed our deputies and the sheriff growing goatees. At the beginning of the year, 2017, several deputies came to us and asked if they could grow goatees. Normally the rule is cleanly shaven except for a mustache. We agreed to start a Goatee for Kids Project and the deputies who wanted to grow a goatee would contribute $5 a month to this project. The sheriff’s office, over the past year, contributed $530.00 and received $300.00 in donations to go toward the project.