Extended and Lifetime permits are ONLY VALID IN MISSOURI.

RSMo 571.205
Where to Apply
10 Year $200
25 Year $250
Lifetime $500
Background Check
Denying an Application
Appeal Procedure
Provisional Permit
Information on the Permit

RSMo 571.210
Surrendering a Permit
Collecting a Permit
Reinstating a Permit
Renewing a Permit/Renewal Application
Renewal Background Check
Late Fees
Change of Residency/Processing Fee
New Sheriff to Notify Old Sheriff
Old Sheriff to Forward Records
Loss or Destruction/Processing Fee
Name Change/Processing Fee
Failure to Change Name or Residency

RSMo 571.111
Firearms Safety Training (No Expiration)
Certificate of Course Completion
Not Eligible for a Passing Grade
Qualified Firearms Safety Instructors
Instructor Responsibilities
Firearms Safety instructor Database

RSMo 571.230
Duty to Carry and Display Permit

RSMo 571.215
Where you MAY NOT Carry

RSMo 21.750.3(2)
Open Carry