The East Central Drug Task Force, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Warrenton Police Department and Warren County Sheriff’s Department divided into two-man teams to begin serving arrest warrants for the distribution of controlled substances on Tuesday morning.

The warrants were the culmination of over a year of undercover investigations by drug investigators part of the East Central Drug Task Force. Over 95 undercover buys were made throughout Warren County, resulting in multi-count felony warrants being issued on 50 defendants. As of Tuesday night, the task force arrested 28 people.

The drugs purchased include: heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and numerous prescription pills.

The East Central Drug Task Force is made  up of sheriff’s offices of Audrain, Cooper, Howard, Montgomery, Pike and Warren counties. It also includes the police departments of Bowling Green, Fayette, High Hill, Mexico Public Safety, Montgomery City, New Florence, New Franklin, Vandalia and Warrenton.

Local agenices ask them to contact them in regards to information involving distribution of controlled substances or the East Central Drug Task Force at 573-473-5801 ext. 1534 or 1-888-823-6384. All callers remain anonymous.

via KMOV