Sheriff Scott Rice reported that one person was arrested today during a Dallas County warrant search in which a large amount of weapons, ammunition, drugs, drug paraphernalia and a homemade pipe bomb were found.

According to the sheriff, the bust contained items taken from the Blue Gun Shop last year, approximately a year ago to date, as well as personal items from the home of the person arrested in the north part of Dallas County off State Road U.

Items recovered in the Aug. 24 bust were a home-manufactured pipe bomb; a large stockpile of ammunition in ammo bags, a laundry basket and other containers; a large assortment of drug paraphernalia, including marajuania pipes and meth pipes; a range of weapons (including a 12-gauge shotgun; an approximately $1,000 Ruger 1022 match grade tactical 22 long rifle with a bull barrel; a .308 military grade sniper rifle with a 1,000-yard scope; a load-bearing vest with a tomahawk and 180 rounds for an AR-15; an AR-15; a 44 magnum pistol with a scope; and a Heritage .22 pistol); a large box of leather, leather items and leather working tools; and an amount of drugs, including methadone and crystal meth rocks, one with a value of approximately $100.

Sheriff Rice valued the items in the bust to at least $6,000, and credited his deputies with their year-long investigation into the case. Rice said that several old cases in other counties will also be wrapped up with the recovery in the bust. Detective Darren Cheek, Deputy Aaron Boland, Deputy Ethan McCurley, and Reserve Deputy Randy Davidson and his K-9 Deputy, Nitro, all had a hand/paw in the bust.

Detective Cheek said that when the guns were originally stolen, there were 19 missing, and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department recovered all but one of the stolen guns.

The person taken into custody today is on a 24-hour hold until charges are filed. Another inmate is also being held in the Dallas County jail in connection to the gun shop thefts.

Anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

By Penny Warner | Buffalo Reflex