The scene of a police officer checking on victims in an overturned vehicle introduced Buffalo High School students to a drunk-driving crash reenactment.

Buffalo High School students witnessed a drunk driving car accident reenactment on Friday, April 6, thanks to collaboration among the student council, Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Fire Department, Dallas County Sheriff, Missouri Highway Patrol, Wade’s Towing, Mercy EMS and the high school drama club.

Unsuspecting students filed out of their classes at 1 p.m. to find one vehicle upside down on Locust Street. Another vehicle had front end damage from colliding.

Student actors frantically processed the scene, yelling things like “My friend is dead!” and “How could he do this? Why did he drive?”

First responders drove up as if it were an actual emergency. Agencies worked together to assess the scene, treat victims and arrest the intoxicated driver.

After viewing the docudrama, students attended an assembly in the Shewmaker Center to hear a guest speaker and discuss what they had just seen.

School and community leaders sought to convey the dangers and impact of drunk driving, Buffalo Police Chief Rich Wilkinson said. Underage drunk driving increases during prom season and as the school year nears its end.

Student council members first envisioned the event. Buffalo High School Resource Officer Chad Garner contacted Mercy Trauma Center, which organized the logistics.

Both vehicles used for the event had been involved in driving while intoxicated accidents. One ran into a phone pole as the driver huffed aerosol solvents, and the other vehicle rolled over when its driver was drunk.

By Britta Winfrey | Buffalo Reflex