Deputies Eran Eaton and Jay Stewart have been awarded the Boone County Sheriff’s Department Certificate of Commendation. Deputy Eaton has also received the Distinguished Service Award.

On October 29, 2018 Deputies Eran Eaton and Jay Stewart responded to a burglary in progress call in southern Boone County on Schooner Road. Deputies Eaton and Stewart noticed the back door of the residence had been kicked in. Announcing their presence when entering to search the residence, deputies encountered two suspects still inside.

A foot pursuit ensued in which the suspects split up. Deputy Eaton pursued one suspect while Deputy Stewart chased the other. Deputy Eaton pursued his suspect a couple hundred yards, eventually rounding a residence, at which time the suspect pulled a handgun and was about to fire upon Deputy Eaton. Deputy Eaton was able to fire his service pistol two times striking the suspect twice, which stopped the suspect from taking any further life-threatening action. Deputy Eaton was then joined by Deputy Stewart, who ran toward the gunfire, summoned medical aid via radio, and provided protective cover while Deputy Eaton took the suspect into custody and began rendering aid.

Deputies Eaton and Stewart’s decisive actions are directly responsible for protecting not only their own lives, but that of the community from an armed dangerous felon. For conspicuous acts committed in the face of a life-threatening emergency, their heroic actions have brought credit to themselves and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.