It’s always dangerous when police officers stand in the middle of the road directing traffic, but a metro Atlanta woman has invented a product that hopes to help keep those officers safe.

Deidre Goodwin is a police officer in the city of Atlanta. She faces dangerous situations everyday and one of the worst, she says, is directing traffic. The only thing that stands between her and the vehicles on the road is a standard-issue black glove with an orange triangle on it. That got Goodwin thinking.

“I was standing in the middle of a major road in Atlanta directing traffic and I was almost hit by a car,” said Goodwin. “So in my mind, I went looking for this design of glove, and it did not exist.”

So Goodwin invented the HaltzGlove. It’s a glove designed with highly reflective striping that glows in the dark and gets drivers attention. Goodwin believed in the product so much that she sold everything she had to manufacture them.

The glove is visible from 1,250 linear feet away. The palm of the glove has an X to symbolize stop and the back of the hand includes an arrow to direct drivers to turn or move forward.

Goodwin says police departments in the city of Atlanta, Cobb, DeKalb and Henry counties are using the HaltzGlove, along with HERO units for GDOT. Goodwin says they’re not just for law enforcement but for everyday people.

“I’ve seen people walking with their cellphones trying to illuminate themselves so that people know that they’re there. Now they can just wear this product, as soon as the light hits it, it lights up,” says Goodwin.

Amazon even asked her if they could sell the gloves on their site.

CBS Atlanta