Attorney General Josh Hawley today released the 2016 Annual Report of Missouri Vehicle Stops and announced new measures to improve the quality of the Report’s data.

“For years, commentators from a diverse range of perspectives have called for the Report to include information not just about where drivers are stopped, but where they are actually from,” Hawley said. “Today I am issuing new regulations that direct law enforcement agencies to record whether stopped individuals reside in the agency’s jurisdiction. This change, supported by both law enforcement and the civil rights community, will enable the public to compare the frequency of stops involving particular groups with the number of group members who actually live and drive in the jurisdiction.”

Hawley commented: “The Vehicle Stops Report was created nearly two decades ago to further Missourians’ common commitment to the rule of law. I hope this year’s Report will help further a constructive conversation about how we can achieve – and protect – the fair and impartial administration of justice in our state.”

View 2016 Annual Report of Missouri Vehicle Stops with the following link: