Jennifer Cartright remembers August 5, 2016 too well. It’s when she found her older brother Robert, who was addicted to opioids, dead.

“As a family member of someone that suffers from addiction, you’re always just waiting for that phone call to say that something’s happened or they’re in some time of trouble,” she says.

Ton honor his memory, Carthright and her family are pulling together for a town hall-style gathering.

“To get everybody’s input on what a program to support families and addicts would look like,” she says.

The meeting is title Solving the Addiction Crisis. Doctors, judges, pharmacists and community members will be there to tell stories, educate others about the addiction to drugs and the impact that has on loved ones.

“It’s easier being the addict than a family member of an addict because as an addict you have medicine, you’re addiction that consumes all of your time,” Cartright says.

Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser says opioid addiction is a significant problem in Missouri.

“Over the years to my experience, it’s been a steady number. Just a steady number of people who are overdosing whether it be prescription medication or opioids or other illegal narcotics,” Kaiser says.

The meeting will be Thursday, September 28th at 6:30 PM. It takes place at the Carthage Water and Electric Community Room.

“Then we plan on within the next year opening a facility here in Carthage that deals with addiction support,” Carthright says.

By Cortney Brown | Four states