Joint Session – Day 1

Ethical & Professional Decision Making

Officer Safety Threats with Prisoner Transports


Track I

Search and Seizure Issues for Traffic Stops

Burglary Investigations

Tactical Incident Care – Stop the Bleeding, Tourniquets and Go Bags 

Human Trafficking – Potential Indicators & Investigative Techniques

No Handout – Difficult Citizen Contacts – Extremist, ISIS & Anti-Government Individuals


Track II

Search Warrant Requirements and Preparation

MCS – Team Development & Investigative Resources

MCS – Complex Investigations & What Works

MCS – Case Presentations

Crime Scene Techniques & Newest Challenges w/ Evidence Collection

Legal Update For Investigators

Electronic Crime Evidence – The Dos & Don’ts of How and What to Collect


Track III

No Handout – Suits Against Law Enforcement and How to Try and Protect Yourself

Toxic Employees

Internal Affairs & Garrity Interviewing

Use of Force Incidents – Decisions, Reviews, and Training

Complexities of Sheriff’s Office Budget Preparation – How to Prepare & Justify Requests

Principles of Leadership


Joint Closing Session – Day 4

No Handout – Narcoterrorism and the Threats to the United States