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The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the Office of Sheriff and the Constitution through legislative efforts, training and technical assistance, in its efforts to make communities a safer, more enjoyable place to live, to work, and to raise a family. We value Honesty, Hard Work and Personal Responsibility.

Right, wrong or indifferent, law enforcement officers are always in the public eye. People are constantly judging our words and our actions—and of course, our appearance. We take pride in how we look, and we expect our coworkers to do the same.

We report for duty wearing clean and neatly pressed uniforms, with highly polished boots and leather gear. We pay attention to every detail to make sure we project a professional appearance.

We say things to recruits and new officers like, “People will judge you by the way you look” and “If you look like [a disheveled mess], suspects will think you are one.”

But have you ever thought about what you look like when the layers are peeled back? Now is a good time to consider what you are wearing under your uniform.

Officers involved in a serious use-of-force incident may be photographed as part of an initial investigation. Investigators may take photographs of the officer in uniform, including the officer’s shirt, pants, boots, duty belt, and other equipment. In some cases, investigators will seize the uniform itself as evidence. Then, they will take more pictures. If you were the one being photographed, would there be anything that could be used against you or your agency?

Issues with Clothing
Have you considered what you look like without your uniform shirt on? I am not asking about your physique. Are there any patches on your vest carrier? Perhaps a Latin phrase that arguably promotes violence? Maybe a logo associated with an overzealous and vengeful comic book character?

Peeling back another layer, what do you look like with your vest removed? If you’re like many officers, you don’t give much thought to your undershirt. There is not really any harm in wearing a dingy, old t-shirt complete with holes and stains in the armpits. But what is on your t-shirt? Think about the words, phrases, quotes, logos, symbols, and cartoon characters….more

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Sheriff Stays Professional While Embracing Change

Dragnet has been described as one of the most successful police procedural series produced, and by far the most influential, shaping an entire generation’s view of law enforcement.

Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick said it certainly shaped his.

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