Benton County Responds to Sex Offender Audit…more

The Auditor’s report was released last week and stated that nearly 1,300 sex offenders were unaccounted for, including hundreds who fall into the category of Tier III offenders, the worst kind. Benton County Jail Administrator, Greg Wenberg, who registers sex offenders, states that there is not currently a problem with local non-compliant sex offenders in Benton County.

Miller County Responds to Sex Offender Audit…more 

Last week Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit her office performed on the sex offender registry.

According to her report Miller County has 103 registered sex offenders, and of those 103 offenders, only 5 were listed as non compliant.

We want the Miller County Community to know that of those 5 non-compliant offenders, either charges have been filed by the prosecutor and warrants have been issued, or a current investigation is being conducted.

The Sheriff’s Office has several individuals that monitor the program full time, and work closely with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This is something we take seriously, and we ask that if the community has concerns that a sex offender is not complying, that they contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Sheriffs Respond to Auditor’s SOR Report

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway published false assertions in her official report regarding the oversight and control of the Missouri sex offender registry program that incorrectly placed law enforcement in a negative light. The Auditor’s numbers and information just don’t add up.

First, the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association contacted all sheriffs in Missouri who in turn stated they were not contacted by the Auditor or her staff to discuss the issue of registration of sex offenders. Previous auditors, showing respect, contacted local sheriffs who in turn provided input and expertise into the administration of the sex offender

registry. Had this auditor done her due diligence, as did previous auditors, she would have uncovered the truth behind the numbers of offenders she alleges are unaccounted for in Missouri…..MORE

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The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the Office of Sheriff and the Constitution through legislative efforts, training and technical assistance, in its efforts to make communities a safer, more enjoyable place to live, to work, and to raise a family. We value Honesty, Hard Work and Personal Responsibility.

The September 12th headline from the Huffington Post states “Muslim Inmate Claims Kansas Prison Officers Harassed Her Over Headscarf.”1  The national legal advocacy group Muslim Advocates has notified the Leavenworth Detention Center (LDC), the Department of Justice and the US Marshals Service the “actions that have taken place in the Leavenworth Detention Center are in clear violation of federal law,” Nimra Azmi, a staff attorney for Muslim Advocates, said in a statement.  The group is alleging religious right violations and failure to meet and ensure compliance to federal detention standards.

A strong defense is always needed to show policies, procedures and the actions of individuals did not violate clearly established laws.
Some administrators (and inmates and advocate groups) assume that the score on their last federal audit or the fact they are nationally accredited is a solid defense card.  This simply is not true.  While audits and the accreditation process can be useful for discovery, verification and documentation, they are only as good as what is being measured!  Generally what is being measured reflects what the outside agency thinks is most important.  They also only reflect a snapshot in time and cannot possibly capture everything that may be occurring in the jail on any given day or shift.

In short, how do you know if your jail is legally defensible?  So, here’s a question to consider in answering that question: When was the last time your jail was audited to what the law requires?……more

May an officer require the driver and passengers to get out of the car, solely for safety reasons and without any individual reasonable suspicion of criminal activity?

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly and unequivocally held that officers may order the driver and any passengers to get out of the car until the traffic stop is over (Maryland v. Wilson, 519 U.S. 408 (1997); Pennsylvania v. Mimms, 434 U.S. 106 (1977) (per curiam)). However, a handful of states have rejected the Mimms/Wilson rule on state constitutional grounds. For example, see Commonwealth v. Gonsalves (711 N.E.2d 108 (Mass. 1999), rejecting Mimms/Wilson); State v. Caron (586 A.2d 1127 (Vt. 1990), upholding exit order on the basis that police had reasonable suspicion that person stopped was armed and dangerous); and State v. Kim (711 P.2d 1291 (Haw. 1985), rejecting Mimms)…..more

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